Welcome to Amko Dental Lab LLC.!

Mission Statement

Our mission as a dental lab is to provide highest degree of quality and service beyond satisfaction through cooperation and interdependce between lab and clinic service providers.

Amko Dental Lab LLC. was established in 2001 with a specific goal--to become the industry's most trustworthy, dependable, and responsible dental laboratory. Using only the finest materials skillfully crafted by our staff of highly dedicated and experience technicians, Amko Dental Lab LLC. is able to provide the high standard of quality and responsive service that customers expect and deserve. Our technicians are trained to the highest standards and are constantly improving their technical knowledge and skills through continuing education and research to meet the changing demands of the industry and to fulfill the needs of patients and dentists.

We, Amko Dental Lab LLC. are confident in our customers' level of confidence due to our faithful commitment in providing the best service and quality of products through constant improvements.

Amko Dental Lab LLC. provides guaranteed 3 to 6 days service.


Amko Dental Lab LLC. Policy