Complete Denture

A full upper or full lower denture replaces all the natural teeth. They will provide function, natural esthetics, support for cheeks and lips.

New Dentures
Learning to wear a denture will take some time. The dentures can feel slightly bulky at first. This is perfectly normal. Your facial muscles and tongue are adjusting to the new appliances. Your tongue may feel slightly restricted. Sore spots may develop shortly after initial placement of the dentures. Our office will usually schedule an adjustment within a few days after you receive your dentures. It is important to try to wear your dentures approximately 24 hours prior to your adjustment. Try to eat softer foods for the first couple of days. As you progress into more solid foods, try to place even amounts of food on both sides while chewing. The lower denture is usually more difficult to adjust to. Immediate dentures are inserted immediately after extractions of remaining teeth. They serve several purposes. You will not have to be without teeth. Placement of the immediate denture aids in the healing process. Immediate dentures are more labor intensive and are more difficult to fabricate. They also require follow up chair side relining and permanent relining. Thus, they are more expensive then replacement dentures. Preliminary impressions are taken prior to extractions. Your Denturist will discuss with you any modifications that can be made. Increased function and appearance are primary concerns. After extractions your ridges will shrink considerably during the first few weeks. A temporary liner can be applied to acquire a better fit. A permanent liner should be applied six months after extractions. Your denturist will advise you on when this should be accomplished.


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