IPS Empress Esthetic

The processing principle - efficient and proven

Since the beginning of the 1990s, the PRESS technique has been producing precision all-ceramic restorations and satisfying dental professionals and patients alike.
Because of its strength and exceptional aesthetics, IPS Empress Esthetic is the material of choice for fabricating aesthetic single tooth restorations with the press technique.

IPS Empress Esthetic ingots are available in 12 shades and in 7 levels of translucency, which will fulfil even the most discerning requirements.
Unshaded ingots are available in 5 levels of opacity: E T1, E T2, E O1, E O2 and E O3. The slightly shaded IPS Empress Esthetic TC ingots reduce the need for characterization. In addition, 3 further shades are available, which are ideal for the veneering technique.
The E TC0, E O1 and E O3 ingots can be used for creating bright shade effects, for example, for very bright tooth shades or after bleaching.
IPS Empress Esthetic offers more than simply good performance. Rather, it effectively combines accuracy of fit, efficiency and aesthetics.

The homogeneous leucite-based ceramic, which scatters light like natural enamel, blends in well with its surroundings. As the press ceramic IPS Empress Esthetic and the new ceramic blocks IPS Empress CAD are based on the same materials composition, the two products demonstrate exceptional light-optical properties and strength values.

20 years of clinical experience with leucite glass-ceramics
Flexural strength of 160 MPa
Highly aesthetic restorations


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