Zirconia implants offer function, esthetics, longevity, and gingival health. Experience indicates single piece Zirconia implants to be as safe as Titanium implants, but they have the huge advantages of being white, translucent and metal free.

One piece Zirconia ceramic porcelain crowns and bridges offer reduced exposure to bacterial problems, resulting from microgap structures found in Ti implants. Also, a single stage implant is perfect to avoid bone loss - no micro gap, no movement. Experience has shown that soft tissue is healthy and even grows along the ZrO2 implant head. Professionals report that the aesthetic is ideal in the anterior region.

The zirconium implant is metal free. Some patients prefer not to put any metals, like titanium, into their bodies. It has been reported that titanium particles have been found to "leach off" from some titanium implants, and titanium particles have been discovered in nearby tissues. The potential long term health impact of this condition is currently unknown.