IPS e.max Press
Glass-ceramic ingot for the PRESS technique
IPS e.max Press are glass-ceramic ingots in three levels of opacity and in 2 sizes. Given the innovative manufacturing process, the ingots exhibit an optimized homogeneity, which results in consistently high strength of 400 MPa. Due to their strength, the ingots are suitable for fabricating single crowns and bridges in the anterior and premolar region.

LT ingots
The new ingots with low translucency (LT) are ideally suitable for fabricating fully anatomical restorations or the cut-back technique. The incisal area is completed using IPS e.max Ceram materials. The ingots are available in the 9 most popular A?D and 4 modern Bleach shades.

MO ingots
The ingots of medium opacity (MO) are used for fabricating frameworks on vital and/or slightly discoloured teeth. They create an ideal base for lifelike restorations. The MO ingots are available in five shades.

HO ingots
In cases where the patient has non-vital teeth, it is also possible to produce aesthetic all-ceramic restorations with the help of IPS e.max Press. The HO ingots with their high opacity mask non-vital teeth as well as metal core build-ups.

The highly aesthetic tooth-coloured IPS e.max Press frameworks are individually veneered or characterized with the matching IPS e.max Ceram glass-ceramic.

For processing IPS e.max Press and IPS e.max ZirPress, the two investment materials IPS PressVEST and IPS PressVEST Speed are available.

The Highlights
High strength and highly aesthetic
Three levels of opacity: low translucency (LT), medium (MO) and high opacity (HO)
Lifelike aesthetics independent of the shade of the prepared tooth
Choice between adhesive, self-adhesive and conventional cementation



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