* Spectro Shade

With A Simple Click SpectroShade™ MICRO recognises colours as they really are.

The patended SpectroShade System uses a digital camera connected to a LED spectrophotometer. With the SpectroShade™ MICRO, the measured spectral data is not influenced by the lighting or any other environmental conditions affecting vision.



SpectroShade™ MICRO reads the colour of the tooth and indicates the closest available chromatic standard for reconstruction. SpectroShade™ MICRO calculates the numerical difference between the natural tooth and the selected colour in terms of brightness, chroma and hue, providing the laboratory with comprehensive information to facilitate the work. SpectroShade™ MICRO can analyse and identify the colour of a tooth over the complete buccal surface. Images and spectral data can be saved on the SpectroShade™ MICRO and transferred to a PC via USB, Wireless LAN or Memory Card, and sent to the laboratory in real time by e-mail or in CD-ROM format.

How it works

The SpectroShadeTM MICRO device is a patented self contained unit that is composed of a spectrophotometer operating in a Linux® system. The software is user friendly, compatible with Microsoft Windows® and the Macintosh® platform. The spectrophotometer possesses an LED source of illumination configured to replicate the visible light spectrum, commonly know as daylight. The light source is activated when the operator presses the «image capture button». One single «click» acquires all the data under controlled and consistent lighting conditions. The desired tooth is illuminated with coloured light and then reflected onto a customised black and white CCD (Charge Coupled Device) sensor located at the end of the instruments internal optical system. The unit’s internal computer analyses over 2 million references per image. One single image gathers all the necessary data to fully utilise the analytical software. Correct alignment of the tooth is achieved by using the tooth positioning guidance system that is shown on the LCD high resolution screen. The operator can also use the LCD display to access all the instruments operations by touch screen technology. SpectroShadeTM MICRO can transfer the spectrophometric data and images to the PC by three methods: USB, Wireless LAN or SD Memory card.