IPS e.max CAD

High-strength glass-ceramic block for the CAD/CAM technique

IPS e.max CAD unites modern processing technology with a high-performance material. The lithium disilicate glass-ceramic is used to fabricate high-strength and aesthetic anterior and posterior crowns using the inLab or Everest System, which can also be self-adhesively or conventionally cemented. It is also possible to fabricate veneers an implant superstructures.

The glass-ceramic is processed in a crystalline intermediate phase, in which the material shows its striking "blue" colour. In this phase, manual adaptations and a cut-back can be conducted quickly and efficiently. In addition, the fit can be checked. After the blocks have been milled, the material undergoes a crystallization process in the Programat P300, P50, P700 or EP 600 Combi furnace. The crystallization process imparts the glass-ceramic with its final strength of 360 MPa and the desired aesthetic properties, such as shade, translucency and brightness. Subsequently, the crowns can be stained or veneered using IPS e.max Ceram.

IPS e.max CAD blocks are available in 2 levels of opacity.
The IPS e.max CAD MO (Medium Opacity) blocks are indicated for fabricating frameworks due to their slightly higher opacity. They are available in 5 shades.
The LT (Low Translucency) blocks are ideally suitable for fully anatomical crowns and the cut-back technique. They are available in the nine most popular A-D as well as four new modern Bleach BL shades.




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