IPS Empress CAD

CAD/CAM techniques are opening up new possibilities in many different fields. You too can take advantage of this modern technology in combination with the high-performance IPS Empress material.
IPS Empress is a homogeneous leucite-based ceramic, which scatters light like natural enamel and blends in well with its surroundings. Restorations fabricated with the material exhibit lifelike translucency and convincing aesthetic properties.

The extensive range of IPS Empress CAD blocks for your inLabĀ® (Sirona) equipment allows you to select the block that best suits your case requirements.

The exceptional ceramic is available in two levels of translucency: HT (High Translucency) and LT (Low Translucency). Within these translucency levels, there is a choice between Chromascop and A-D shades. In response to the growing demand for lighter tooth shades, IPS Empress CAD LT blocks are also available in 4 modern Bleach shades: BL1-BL4.

Because of their high translucency, the IPS Empress CAD HT blocks are ideal for fabricating smaller restorations (e.g. inlays and onlays), which should demonstrate a balanced, natural chameleon effect.
The new IPS Empress CAD LT blocks are characterized by their high level of brightness and true-to-nature chroma. Therefore, they are particularly suitable for fabricating larger restorations. The specially adjusted brightness of the material prevents #greying# of full and partial restorations.
All the blocks exhibit a fluorescence that is adjusted to the different indications and are therefore ideally suitable for the cut-back technique in conjunction with the IPS Empress Esthetic Veneer material.


The polychromatic IPS Empress CAD Multi blocks are a special highlight of the sytem. Because of the smooth colour transition between the dentin and incisal areas, these polychromatic blocks produce highly aesthetic and natural-looking results, even without characterization. IPS Empress CAD Multi blocks are available in the 5 most popular A-D and 2 Bleach shades. They are ideal for fabricating full and partial crowns, as well as veneers. The blocks feature a high level of chroma and lifelike opacity in the cervical / dentin areas and the desired level of translucency in the incisal region.

Irrespective of the processing technique used, IPS Empress enhances your laboratory#s performance, aesthetic results and cost efficiency.

PRESS and CAD/CAM technique
20 years of clinical experience with leucite glass-ceramics
Flexural strength of 160 MPa
Highly aesthetic restorations

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