Night Guards

You'll reduce further tooth destruction as a result of bruxing, clenching, and TMJ disorders with our nightguards. Each nightguard is constructed of either hard or soft material on the upper or lower arch and can be made with or without cusp points.

Talon® is a premixed, thermoplastic, acrylic elastomer that forms the retention for conventional hard interocclusal dental appliances. With properties of thermoplasticity and resilience at body temperature, Talon® provides the ideal means for retaining these dental appliances to the teeth.
Talon® compensates for the minute dimensional inaccuracies in dental casts resulting from liberties taken with alginate and gypsum techniques in the busy dental office. This compensation provides increased comfort for the patient versus typical hard night guards and therefore results in a higher rate of compliance and treatment goal attainment.

There are other types of Night Guards as follows:

Sports Guard

Snore Guard

Mouth Guard

Bleach Tray