Remake Policy

From the high level of cooperation that we have with our doctors, Amko Dental Lab has very few remake cases. However, remakes do happen on occasion through small flaws.

All remakes will be free of charge if received within 30 days of the invoice date, with the following exceptions listed below. Remakes received after 30 days from the invoice date will be discussed with the doctor.

      1.      We inquired about the margin or impression, however, we were instructed
by the doctor to “do the best we can” and make the case.
 2.      The doctor trimmed the die.
 3.      We requested a try-in, but the doctor refused and instructed us to complete     
      the case.
 4.      The product requested for the remake is different than the product that was made for the original case. Sometimes, a discount for the new product may be given.
 5.      The partial denture fits the master model. The master model must be returned with the partial for remake consideration.
 6.      For crown or bridge restorations, the try-in was approved and returned to us for completion.
7.  Complete dentures (immediate or otherwise) that were not fabricated with a
      wax try- in
 8.      Remakes returned to us without the original restoration will be charged at 100% of the price. If the original model and restoration are returned to us at a later date, we will issue a credit to the doctor’s account.
 9.      Restoration was not seated by the same doctor that sent the case for fabrication.


Cancelled cases
 Any case stopped mid-production will be charged based on the amount of work completed at the time the call to stop the case was received.


Rejected cases

The cost of crown, bridge and removable restorations can not be refunded (i.e. a refund check). If a case is for rejection rather than remake, we will issue a 50% credit to the dentist's account balance when the case in question qualifies according to the policy listed herein and is received within 30 days from the invoice date.

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